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A crack in the driveway can be a problem for many homeowners. It not only can be an eyesore, but it also can create a dangerous situation. For example, guests could trip on the cracked concrete. Or the crack could cause your tires to deflate. As a property owner, you need to make repairs to the driveway. READ MORE >>

Say if a driving accident caused injures to another person in the amount of $50,000 (with healthcare costs at their highest ever, this could easily get another zero added). If one only has Texas’s minimum bodily injury protection ($30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident), the remaining $20,000 must be paid personally by the driver that caused the accident. READ MORE >>

A major reason for rising car insurance claims has to do with distracted driving. By definition, this is any driver who is not paying attention to the road. Many people assume this relates to cell phones. That is one component of it. However, many other distractions can occur. READ MORE >>

We know traffic accidents happen, from fender-benders to highway crashes. According to the Census Bureau, over 10 million accidents occur on U.S. streets each year. Being prepared is the key, so recovering from an accident doesn't devastate to your finances. READ MORE >>

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop being active. In fact, it means you have a lot more time to get out and enjoy life. Still, lifestyle changes beckon. Many of them have to do with the fact that you’re getting a bit older. One of the habits you’ll likely need to adjust is your driving. READ MORE >>

Distracted driving occurs when a person is focusing on tasks other than driving while behind the wheel. This is a very dangerous situation. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents in many areas. That is why states are putting laws into place banning the activity. READ MORE >>

Buying a vehicle is an exciting opportunity. Before you can roll off the lot, though, you need to have the right type and amount of auto insurance in place. It's important to know what your insurance requirements are. Do this before you buy a new car. You don't want to rush this decision. READ MORE >>

Welcome to Amco Auto Insurance Agency in Texas City   a·gency an organization established to take an active role or produce a specified effect on behalf of another. You're here for one reason: VALUE. Value is the most important part of your purchase. It's the worth or usefulness of our products that you want. READ MORE >>

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